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Honda S2000 vs S660: How Do They Stack Up?

Jeff Perez

If you consider yourself a sportscar “enthusiast,” then you are likely aware of Honda’s convertible perfection that was the S2000. Hitting the production line in 1999, the S2000  (or S2K as some called it) was a cheaper option to Honda’s NSX supercar (which wore the Acura badge in the States). The S2000 was immediately a smash hit.

Ten years later, the rag top was ousted from the Honda lineup, in place of disappointments like the CR-Z and current Civic Si. It was a sad day for enthusiasts indeed, but it looks like Honda is back on the move. Hoping to reignite the performance flame, the Japanese automaker introduced its latest baby sportscar concept: the S660.

Honda S660 Concept

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Initially, you’re lead to believe that this is the long-awaited successor to the much-loved S2000. Sure, it has an open top and tiny frame, but is it really the car we’ve been waiting for? Take a look at the numbers and decide:

S660 Basics

And in comparison to the S2000:

S2000 Basics

So there is a gap, but that’s ok. For now, the S660 is just a concept. The only worrying thing would be if Honda attempts to soften up the roadster with hybrid tech and a CVT (a la the CR-Z). There is still some time before this adorable little thing hits the road. There is still hope, Honda faithful.

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