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Honda Sports EV Concept is exactly the EV sports car we want

Joel Stocksdale

Hot on the heels of the Urban EV Concept shown at the Frankfurt show, Honda has another electric car, and it's exactly what we as enthusiasts hoped for. It's the Sports EV Concept (admittedly the name could be more inspired), and it hits every traditional sports car note. The whole car sits low, which is emphasized by a very low roof. It has a long, sleek nose, and a rakish fastback. The fenders are appropriately bulging, especially at the front where the arches rise above the top of the hood. In fact, the car looks like a modern interpretation of the AMC Javelin and AMX. That's not a bad thing.

The Sports EV also owes much to the Urban EV. There are many styling cues shared with the little hatchback. Immediately obvious are the black panels that house the headlights and taillights, and imply a grille without actually having one. Though we can make out a small slit in the front. The lights are also similar in that they use simple circles up front and rounded squares in the back. The wrap-around windshield and black bars on the sides are also clear Urban EV cues.


It's not just styling that the Sports EV shares with the Urban EV, though. According to Honda, it uses the same electric car platform as the economy car. This gives us some hope that this electric sports car could see the light of day. This is because Honda confirmed that a production version of the Urban EV would go on sale in Europe in 2019, and it announced at the Tokyo show that the same car will arrive in Japan in 2020.

Honda didn't reveal many details about the mechanical parts of the Sports EV Concept, nor general features. It did, however, mention that the Sports EV has an AI system on-board. It's called the Honda Automated Network Assistant, and all Honda said about it was that it's supposed to "create communication that unites driver and car." We're not really sure what that's supposed to do, but hopefully, since Honda also said it was focused on a "a one-ness between driver and car," it has something to do with making the car nimble and fun. You know, like a certain little Mazda that's philosophy, Jinba Ittai, means "horse and rider as one."

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