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Honduran chief of diplomacy met with the delegation of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, Aug. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --  As part of her visit in several countries in the Central American region, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi met with the head of Honduran diplomacy, Lisandro Rosales.

Canciller Lisandro Rosales

Within the framework of this meeting, Honduras introduced the delegation the progress that, together with the government of the United States, have been achieved on the fight against transnational crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, corruption, human trafficking people and other related crimes. A report on human rights, poverty reduction and the strengthening of democratic institutions was also presented.

In the words of the head of the Southern Command of the United States: "Honduras hosts our Joint Task Force (JTF) Bravo at Soto Cano, providing a regionally-based security cooperation platform, the presence of which allows a rapid response capability."

Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández recalled his strategy ever since he was the head of Honduras National Congress (2010-2014) to dismantle drug cartels by taking the leadership for the approval of the law of extradition and then its effective enforcement against drug traffickers.

Under the leadership of President Hernandez 23 drug lords have been extradited to Unites States. Other key results in the fight against organized crime include more than 18,733 kilos of cocaine seized, 6,143 arrested for drug trafficking and 4,839 for extortion, narco laboratories destroyed, 259 clandestine landing strips disabled, 14,800 weapons seized, and 500 gangs disjointed, the purge and reform of the National Police included the removal of more than 6,000 officers and a law for the new civilian police, among other verifiable facts. The war against organize crime reduce the murder rate in more the half, from 92 per every 100,000 to 40 per every 100,000.

Today, Honduras has become a hostile territory for drug trafficking to the extent that, according to the International Maritime Center against Drug Trafficking in Colombia, the country dropped from 1 to 12 in the ranking of receptor of drugs in route to U.S. consumer´s market.

"We regret the dissonant voices mislead the people with unfounded information that far from contributing to the goals of the fight against transnational crime and other scourges, they encourage and feed with their slandering accusations the purposes of the organized crime, thus damaging the work carried out successfully in conjunction with the US and other allied countries, threatening the security and prosperity of the region and the hemisphere, Lisandro said. "The Honduras government appreciates the support of the government and the United States Congress, in their commitment to confront and combat the threats against regional and hemispheric security".


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