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Honduras signs a comprehensive agreement with USA to address irregular migration across Central America

  • "We will be with you and work together", President Donald Trump said.
  • "We have earned the respect of all nations through our commitment in the fight against corruption and transnational crime," President Hernandez said.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Honduras Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that it has reached an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security of USA to strengthen bilateral initiatives to address irregular migration across Central America. This agreement will also facilitate collaboration between the two countries on other important issues.

"Today we signed a bilateral agreement to build stronger asylum capacities in the Northern Triangle and further improve asylum and protection capacity in Honduras," Acting DHS Secretary Kevin K. McAleenan said as he reinforced that Honduras has been a great partner to USA.

According to official sources from the United States Embassy in Honduras, "once the agreement is in force, it will improve asylum and protection capabilities in Honduras, using the best practices developed by the United States and the international community. The two countries will work together to increase protection options for vulnerable populations and ensure that these populations do not become victims of human traffickers. "

"Honduras and the United States share a long lasting alliance, reinforced by our close proximity, common principles and shared democratic values that have resulted in years of collaboration, from tackling historic migration flows to efforts to building a more stable and prosperous region," adds the embassy statement.

From his end, the USA President Donald Trump, who attended the signing as a witness of honor along with the Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández, expressed "I want to congratulate you and your country, you have done a fantastic job; my people have told me the love you have for your country. We will be with you and we will work together. "

President Trump said that "Honduras won its place and respect of all nations through its commitment in the fight against corruption and transnational crime."

He added that this agreement will improve relations between the two nations and foster better results from the efforts of both administrations for their people.

"The United States knows that Honduras is a reliable partner," President Juan Orlando Hernández said.


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