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Hong Kong Based uDroppy.com is Disrupting the Way Millennial Entrepreneurs Launch E-Commerce Businesses

The Founders of uDroppy Announce They Have Lowered their Prices While Still Offering the Fastest Global Shipping Times

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 26, 2019 / E-commerce is a fast changing and diverse industry. Entrepreneurs who use drop-shipping as part of their business model, often face adversity and disruption from many angles. Paid media, like Facebook Ads, can be volatile. President Trump's recent policy changes on E-Packet shipping caused some E-com entrepreneurs' shipping costs from China to sky rocket. Language barriers and cultural differences also can come into play. Luca Borreani, the co-founder and Executive VP of marketing of the Hong Kong-based uDroppy.com, is pleased to announce that the company has recently managed to offer some stability to this fast changing world, and their team has even managed to do what many in the E-commerce world considered impossible: drop global shipping rates, while increasing delivery speeds of fulfilling products around the world.

To learn more about uDroppy.com and how they are revolutionizing the way millennial entrepreneurs create and run an e-commerce business, please visit https://www.udroppy.com/.

As a company spokesperson noted, Borreani - along with CEO Carlo Bellati and their team- have disrupted the "drop shipping from China" business model, and have created the fastest delivery times that are currently available, combined with an automated platform that is able to dramatically reduce fixed costs for E-Commerce entrepreneurs. The company can ship products in as few as 4 to 8 days from China to countries around the world, most commonly to the United States.

"Our mission is to give the highest quality service to our clients, helping them sell quality products to people all over the world in a short time, without the need to take care of the cumbersome processes," it notes on their LinkedIn page, adding that because uDroppy handles all the sourcing and fulfillment work behind the scenes, millennials and even younger entrepreneurs who understand how to use Facebook and other social media websites to generate sales can focus on marketing, while uDroppy handles everything else.

"We manage everything besides their marketing and we are the best drop-shipping eCommerce partner that is currently available," Carlo Bellati said, adding that they also offer their clients an E-com manager who is available to provide advice and optimizations to their customers' marketing campaigns.

"You will get assigned to your own personal E-com manager who will help you build your store, and scale up your e-com business," he said.

As Bellati noted, uDroppy.com's commitment to helping organize e-commerce companies to be super efficient, as well as offer great products at fair prices to drop shippers, is definitely working.

"We managed to achieve a 4 to 8 day shipping time from China to all major countries. This is a huge accomplishment," Bellati said.

"Thanks to uDroppy.com, the vast majority of drop shippers are now able to run customer centric businesses. They can focus fully on their marketing and branding and not worry about all the issues that come with fulfilling and shipping products," added Borreani.

About uDroppy.com:

For entrepreneurs who want to build an e-commerce empire, uDroppy.com is the perfect partner. uDroppy is a success platform that takes care of sourcing, fulfillment and shipping so their clients can focus on what they really love: marketing. Or, as they like to say, "Marketing on you, the rest on us." For more information, please visit https://www.udroppy.com/.


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