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Hong Kong protest organizer challenges Trump to help ‘contain China’

Julia Limitone

As thousands ascended into Hong Kong for the 11th straight week of pro-democracy protests, one of the organizers, Sunny Cheung, told FOX Business they are championing for the attention of the United States government for help in containing China.

“We are fighting the Communist Party,” he told Susan Li on Friday. “We want the U.S. Congress to try to pass the Human Rights and Democracy Act soon as possible to sanction those officials who infringe on people on freedom and autonomy.”

When Li asked “what do you say to President Trump who says that Hong Kong is an issue for China?” Cheung responded: “I beg to differ.”

“I believe that Hong Kong as an international society America has a lot of interest in Hong Kong. And that's why I believe America should stand with us to support Hong Kong try to contain China. China is now rising and I believe that President Trump and many congressmen and senators in the Congress actually believe that we the U.S. have to help in China.”

Trump has also said that he hopes President Xi will deal with the protests humanely.  But Cheung believes the Communist Party is “wicked and evil” and Hong Kong has lost faith in them.


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