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Hooters Is Now Serving Platters Of Chicken Chips, Which Are Pieces Of Fried Chicken That Look Like Potato Chips

Megan Schaltegger
Photo credit: Hooters

From Delish

We're no stranger to the chicken chip; Taco Bell has done it and Tyson dropped a frozen Any'Tizer version earlier this year, but now Hooters is getting in on the action. And, dare I say, they've never looked better. The chain's new chip-shaped fried chicken—which, might I add, is perfect for dipping—comes with 15 (!!!) sauce options.

So while, sure, they're fantastic on their own, why wouldn't we dunk 'em? According to Hooters, they've got all the classic sauces on deck: Honey Thai Chili Pepper, Naked Blackened, Teriyaki, Hot Buffalo, and so many more.

Let's get real, though: It's the restaurant's new and limited-edition sauces that we're really craving. They're currently offering a Honey Sriracha and Korean BBQ.

"If you thought Hooters chicken was amazing to eat in its wing form, the new Chicken Chips with its irresistible marinade and munchable form lets you have even more fun popping them back," a rep for the brand said in a statement: "There’s no need to make a chicken sandwich and add chips on the side when you can have the best of both worlds and combine meat and chips into one amazing golden dish."

But if you're not big on the, um, breastaurant concept as a whole, they're currently working on expanding Hoot, the chain's counter-service store that doesn't require a scantily-clad staff. And though the chicken chips might not be available there (yet!), the menu is packed with similar favs like chicken wings, pickles, and beer.

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