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New Hope for Millions Prediabetes & Diabetes with Scientifically Proven 21-Day Program Can Reverse Your Diabetes

July 24, 2014 / Millions of people who suffer with diabetes now have the chance to reclaim their lives with a pioneering program designed to rid the body of the debilitating disease. Overcome Your Diabetes Today is a scientific method backed by various studies which uses diet and lifestyle changes to regulate the body’s blood sugar levels.

“This diabetes news is the best thing for millions of people who feel trapped by this disease,” said a company spokesman. “Can you reverse diabetes? The answer is yes. This program shows you how to wean yourself off medications and feel normal again, without having to use needles, check your levels, or prick your finger again.”

Overcome Your Diabetes Today is a 21-day program based on countless studies which prove that reducing alkalinity in the body can reduce toxins and restore the body’s natural health and immune system.

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The diabetes treatment consists of simple but specific diet and lifestyle changes to end the destructive cycle of processed foods on the pancreas, the organ which produces and regulates insulin. The treatment is designed to turbocharge the body’s immune system, and rid the pancreas of toxins so that it can restore the body’s normal blood sugar levels.

The program can be used for pre-diabetes, Type-1, and Type-2 diabetes to completely eliminate dependency on glucose lowering drugs, which treat the symptoms but not the problem. The diet and lifestyle change program can be used at any stage of the disease, from the early signs of diabetes to chronic sufferers.