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The best new movie trailers: ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ ‘Us,’ and more

Rick Marshall

Crafting the perfect movie trailer is hard work. There must be enough intrigue to get the audience excited while not revealing too much about the film’s plot points and key moments (even then, things don’t always work out perfectly). Because of the sheer volume of new movie trailers being released in a given week, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding them up and separating the good from the bad for you. Check out the latest must-see trailers below, whether you’re looking for action, horror, comedy, or something else.

It probably goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Spoiler alert! Tread carefully, friends. (Note: All release dates are for the United States.)


Jordan Peele’s follow-up to Get Out looks even more terrifying with every bit of footage that’s released, which is a very, very good sign. In this second trailer for the film, we see Black Panther cast members Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke playing a husband and wife whose trip to a beach house with their children takes a scary turn when a family of doppelgangers shows up to terrorize them. Much like with Get Out, a lot of the appeal here comes from what the previews aren’t showing us, so here’s hoping the big secrets in this movie stay secret.

Release date: March 22

‘Avengers: Endgame’

Avengers: Endgame is shaping up to be the biggest movie of 2019 — and that’s saying a lot, given that a new Star Wars movie also premieres this year — so every trailer is big news right now. The latest preview of the Avengers: Infinity War sequel debuted during the Super Bowl and was light on plot and revelations, but heavy on dark, despairing tone. Given that Endgame picks up in the aftermath of Thanos eliminating half the universe’s population with a snap of his fingers, the tone seems appropriate. Who will be alive when the dust settles this time around? This trailer isn’t revealing anything along those lines, and that’s a good thing.

Release date: April 26

‘Pet Sematary’

The new trailer for Pet Sematary somehow manages to be even scarier than the first one, and what initially appeared to be a too-familiar retread of Stephen King’s story now looks like its own, nightmare-fueling creature. This adaptation reportedly sticks closer to the source material than the 1989 film based on the story, and it’s got a great cast led by Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, and John Lithgow. Anyone familiar with the first film — or King’s novel — will see a lot of key plot points teased in this trailer, and the film appears to justify the update the story is getting. “Sometimes dead is better,” indeed. Here’s hoping it lives up to the hype.

Release date: April 5


The fifth installment of the franchise and the third film to be titled Shaft, this sequel’s place in the overarching series is a bit confusing, but the trailer is a lot of fun. Previous films in the series have tried to stick to the action genre, but this film is clearly pivoting into the action-comedy realm, and the footage suggests that’s a wise move. The film brings together three generations of men named John Shaft: The original, smooth-talking, hard-hitting man with the plan played by Richard Roundtree; the updated, gun-toting John Shaft II played by Samuel Jackson; and a very different John Shaft III played by Jessie T. Usher, whose expertise lies in cybersecurity instead of street smarts. This one looks like a welcome turn for the franchise –particularly due to its willingness to laugh at its own tropes.

Release date: June 14

‘Child’s Play’

Chucky is back, but instead of a killer who possesses a child’s animatronic doll, this remake of the 1988 film features a high-tech doll whose artificial intelligence has malfunctioned and turned it into a murderer. The voice of Brad Dourif as Chucky will certainly be missed, but the film does have a good cast led by Aubrey Plaza and some scary moments teased in the trailer. It will be interesting to see if this movie can kick-start the franchise again with its tech-friendly premise, or if this will just be the latest remake of a fan-favorite film that misses the mark.

Release date: June 21