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Horizon Media Study Finds That People Get An Emotional Reward from Giving Holiday Tips

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Horizon Media, the world’s largest independent media agency, today announced findings of its ongoing Finger On The Pulse poll. Each week, Horizon Media tracks and publishes how news and cultural events can shape or shift people’s thinking and behavior. 

As the end of the holiday season approaches, it’s well known that some people give an extra tip or gift to the people around them who make their lives easier. Horizon Media wanted to understand people’s tip and/or gift-giving behavior during this holiday season and the attitudes or beliefs that drove this behavior.

Horizon Media believes that holiday tipping is a deeply ingrained part of American culture. People, in general, have a relatively well-defined group of people that they tip and also stay within a similar budget range as the previous year. Interestingly, people who tip get a significant personal emotional reward from giving money/gifts to people who make their lives easier; far outweighing people who feel pressure or worry about being judged when they think about giving a holiday tip.

Specifically, 70% said they’d give holiday tips or gifts to the same amount (or even fewer) of people as last year, 72% don’t have a larger budget this year and 53% said they have a set list of people they give to each year.  As mentioned, the reasons for giving are overwhelmingly positive ones – 77% of people feel good to give holiday tips or gifts to the people who help them year-round and 63% love giving holiday tips or gifts as it puts them in the holiday mood. Only 32% of people feel pressure to give holidays tips; just 22% only give holiday tips in order to get better service in the next year and a low 17% give tips to look better than their neighbors or other customers. People also could do with a little assistance on determining how much to give – with 42% of people saying they’re insecure about how much they’re supposed to give.

In terms of who receives holiday tips, the closer a service provider is to what’s truly important to someone – their child, their hair, the cleanliness of their house – the more likely you are to automatically receive a tip/gift. With other relationships, such as doorman or dog-walker, the quality of service that’s been provided has a bigger impact on whether a tip will be given.

About Horizon Media
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