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‘The most horrible feeling’: Mother of missing Manchester concertgoer describes chaos of attack

After a terrorist attack at a concert in Manchester, England, killed 22 and injured 59 on Monday, the mother of a missing concertgoer emotionally recapped the chaos as family and friends frantically tried to track down their loved ones.

Charlotte Campbell is the mother of 15-year-old Olivia Campbell, who was attending the Ariana Grande concert with a friend when the bombing attack occurred. Both Olivia and her companion are missing.

Campbell told Don Lemon of “CNN Tonight” that communications with Manchester authorities were limited.

“They’re not telling us anything,” she said. “They’re just registering them as missing people and telling us to wait by the phones.”

Olivia Campbell, 15, is among the missing after the terror bombing in Manchester on Monday. (Pray for Manchester via Twitter)

The show was ending and attendees were filing out of the Manchester Arena when an explosion sent concertgoers, many of them teenagers or younger, into a frenzy. Manchester authorities confirmed children were among the dead. The Islamic State terror group has since claimed responsibility of the attack.

Campbell said her husband had been out looking for their daughter.

“It’s the most horrible feeling, to know that your daughter’s there, you can’t find her, you don’t know if she’s dead or alive,” she said through tears. “I don’t know how people can do this to innocent children.”

Campbell also lamented the grisly end to an event children like hers were so eagerly awaiting.

“They’ve done nothing but talk about it, be excited for it, buy new clothes for it, you know, like normal teenage children really, going to see one of their favorite artists,” Campbell recounted. “And it’s ended in absolute carnage.”

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