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Hosn, Universal Trousers Developed by Action Professionals for Business and Sports, Introduced on Kickstarter

The ultimate pants for 'anything' are stylish enough for the office with an elegant look for a night on the town while offering complete freedom of movement for active jobs, sports

VIENNA, July 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Hosn, universal trousers for men and women that offer the elegance of suit pants with the ultimate freedom of specialized sportswear, are now available on Kickstarter.

One of the key drivers behind Hosn, an Austrian word for trousers, is Markus Weilguny – an action director and stunt coordinator for the top-featured stunt Guinness World Record of 2017, recipient of the Pioneer of European Martial Arts award and video director for the 2016 game series Hitman.

"I developed the first pair of functional dress trousers to be worn by first responders, stunt performers and extreme athletes, and they received overwhelmingly positive feedback," Weilguny said. "That's when the journey began for our team to share Hosn with the world, and we decided that the early-adopters of this unique pair of pants would definitely be crowdfunders on Kickstarter."

Designed to complement any wearer's style without compromising on freedom of movement, Hosn are both elegant suit-pants that offer a wide range of functionality suiting a variety of lifestyles including travel, outdoor activity, security and undercover work, stunts and extreme sports.

Available in the color Pantone Black Beauty only, Hosn are made for both men and women. Hosn offer a variety of features: they are water- and dirt-resistant, quick-dry, non-iron and machine-washable.

"You will save on dry-cleaning bills and be ready to go again in no time with Hosn," Weilguny said. "At the same time, these trousers are soft, light weight and were also made with sustainable fabrics, including vegan and some recycled materials, OekoTex-certified and bluesign-approved."

Hosn also feature an ingenious pocket system that's both simple and highly functional – and ideal for frequent travelers. In addition to two extra deep side pockets with cable holes, there are two credit-card sized inset pockets, two card pockets, two back pockets (split on the left side), two thigh pockets (for carrying bottles or papers) and one security pocket, which is hidden inside the front waist – holster-size to fit passports.

Other unique elements include a padded waistband, a durable and extra long YKK zipper, three shirt clips that keep shirts snug and tucked, belt loops that are extra wide at the rear to allow for easier movement – along with two extra loops for attaching accessories.

Hosn look like business on the outside but are also made for adventure," he said. "For anyone who goes from meeting to movement, or is just fed up with torn trousers, Hosn are the pants of the 21st century, the culmination of functionality, timeless elegance and textile science-fiction."

For more information, or to be the first to order these versatile trousers, visit the Hosn Campaign Page on Kickstarter.