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Care-givers, truck drivers, medical staff, at-home families and workers can warm and cook healthy meals

GRAND HAVEN, MI, March 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enjoying warm, nutritious meals has always been challenging for healthcare workers, transportation specialists and caregivers. Now, with added Coronavirus-19 restrictions, including closed restaurants, eating healthier has become even more strenuous.

HOTLOGIC® food warming totes and appliances provide a healthier, more convenient way to warming and cooking food. Through its Smart Shelf heating platform, HOTLOGIC brings food to an ideal temperature and holds it there for hours without overcooking. Users can simply put food in and eat whenever they’re ready.

“The trends to ‘eating in’ have changed dramatically with recent developments ... it’s no longer just a good idea, it’s mandatory. HOTLOGIC products can help people, now more than ever, to get a warm, nutritious meal wherever and whenever they’re needed.” said Bill McKendry, Chief Marketing Officer, HOTLOGIC. “Whether you are at home caring for a loved one, working a shift at the hospital or on the road delivering urgent supplies and services, HOTLOGIC evenly cooks or reheats your fresh or frozen meals, meats and vegetables—even leftovers—conveniently and without monitoring. And, best of all, our products do so without ever burning or drying out food.”

Unlike using toasters, cookers or ovens, it’s easy to use, no dials or buttons and impossible to burn food. And because it works like a slow cooker (without all the mess), HOTLOGIC warming totes and appliances provide a healthy alternative to takeout food and microwave cooking. These products are available in wall and car-plug models.

HOTLOGIC has over 5,000+ positive reviews and a 99.4 percent approval rating on Amazon and a top segment performer on HSN. HOTLOGIC comes in lunch and casserole sizes, including: the HOTLOGIC Mini (retails for $39.95) and HOTLOGIC Family Size 9X13 (retails for $59.99). Available on Amazon and heathappier.com.

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HOTLOGIC, is a boutique lifestyle brand located in Grand Haven, MI that manufacturers and designs food warming totes and appliances. Using a powered smart shelf with heat management platform, HOTLOGIC warms or cooks food to a perfect temperature and holds it there for up to 12 hours. Founded in 2007 by an engineerled management team, HOTLOGIC and its smart shelf are products of American ingenuity and creativity. All HOTLOGIC products are designed and developed in Grand Haven, MI and assembled by Goodwill Industries of West Michigan in Muskegon and Holland, MI.


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