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Hoverboard Black Friday 2019 Deals: Segway miniPro, Gotrax, and More Listed by Deal Answers


Hoverboards are a popular purchase during Black Friday. With low prices, many people choose to pick one up. These are the top hoverboard deals for Black Friday 2019 according to Deal Answers:

Hoverboards are used by kids and adults for different reasons. Many parents purchase hoverboards for their children to encourage them away from their phones and explore the outdoors. Some adults use hoverboards for transportation, while others go off-roading with them. Clicking on links may earn Deal Answers a commission.

How to Choose a Hoverboard for Black Friday

The first consideration when purchasing a hoverboard is the weight capacity. Many hoverboards can only take light riders. Another important factor is the wattage of the motors. More watts means more power. The wheel size makes a difference for off-road all terrain hoverboarding too. Some hoverboards have solid rubber wheels while others are air inflated. Air inflated tires tend to provide a better riding experience in uneven areas but they may require additional maintenance.

Segway and GoTrax are market leaders for hoverboards right now. Segway invented the space in many ways with their original all-electric transportation device. Their hoverboards are unique because they have knee support which makes them more comfortable to ride. It’s recommended that people check if a hoverboard has a beginner-friendly mode before purchase.

Pricing and timing of Black Friday deals varies. There also may be limited quantities. It's possible some hoverboard deals will carry through Cyber Monday, but this is not certain. Most hoverboards are certified by independent testing companies to verify safety. Check for UL 2272 testing to make sure the hoverboard has been checked for safety.

There are substantial discounts on hoverboards for Black Friday this year. Hoverboards have gotten cheaper and better in the past few years and it’s not uncommon to see them for under $100. More features are also being introduced to hoverboards.

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