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How a blues guitarist crushes the stock market, shreds the stage, and has time to write about it

Meet Mike DiBari. Or also known as @TradingLicks. DiBari is a pretty cool dude. He’s a professional guitarist in Cambridge, MA home to Harvard and MIT. He shreds any stage he steps on. Jazz, funk, blues, he jams. Or in more modern terms, he swangs. There’s more to this story, too. You won’t meet many people like DiBari. He’s also a trader. And he’s even developed his own trading indicator called the TVO System. The stock market is filled with interesting people and in this quick interview DiBari and I chatted about markets, music, and how they all connect.

What similarities do you see between the stock market and music? ]]>💸🎸🤘🤑🙌😎