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How Colin Farrell Explains Donald Trump to 7-Year-Old Son

Colin Farrell stopped by Ellen on Thursday, and host Ellen DeGeneres asked about his son, 7-year-old Henry, who had been closely following the presidential election. Farrell said Henry is a bit over the election at this point. He just wants to know why everyone is being so mean to each other. Farrell said that his son has real concerns on real issues, like the “mistreatment of Mexicans,” which Farrell said was nearly verbatim from Henry.

“He just completely gets it. He gets the energy of it, and it’s just so mean.”

Farrell also said that Henry was a huge supporter of Trump at first, but not so much anymore.

“Now he can’t stand Trump because I’ve had to explain to him why Trump keeps on being mean to kittens,” Farrell said, alluding to the explanation he’d given Henry for Trump’s latest electoral scandal.

The statement slowly got an awkward laugh, but as Farrell elaborated, those awkward laughs turned into cheers.

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