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How did Cam Newton complete this touchdown pass?

What a difference a year makes. In 2015, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers were 15-1, demolishing fools at every turn … well, right up until the Super Bowl, of course.

Roll the calendar forward a year, and Newton and the Panthers don’t just look mortal, they look mortally wounded. Staggering into New Orleans with a 1-4 record, the Panthers allowed the Saints to run up the score by as many as three touchdowns. Late in the third, having closed to within “only” two touchdowns, the Panthers drove deep into New Orleans territory and converted a fourth down thanks to a pass-interference penalty.

And then Cam Newton reminded everyone why he’s still the reigning NFL MVP. With a Saints rush swarming, with trouble at every turn, Newton somehow lofted an off-balance pass up over a dozen players to land in the hands of tight end Ed Dickson. Touchdown, Panthers, and maybe the only highlight of a wretched afternoon.

It was reminiscent of a guy Newton used to play with back in college, fella by the name of Tim Tebow:

What ever happened to that Tebow guy, anyway? He was pretty good.

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