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How to Automatically Call a Number with an Extension on Your iPhone

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

Calling a phone number manned by an automated operator can drive a person crazy. Usually the voice on the other end of the line lists your options at the pace of this stoner Neil deGrasse Tyson video. 

Here’s a sly way to forgo that excruciating introduction and get straight to it:

1. Say you’re calling a friend at his company and that phone number is 234-5678. Your friend’s extension is 9101. Enter in the generic number for the office.

2. Hold your finger on the * button until a comma appears. This is known in telephone-speak as a “pause.”

3. Enter the extension, and then tap the call button.

The comma you entered will instruct your iPhone to first call the main number, pause until the other line picks up, and then dial the extension. Meaning you won’t have to listen to a robot voice’s useless list of options. 

In sum, do this:

And that’s that! Adios, robotic operator.

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