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How to Download Any YouTube Video in Seconds

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YouTube changed the world, plain and simple. It made video an integral part of the Internet and it continues to give anyone and everyone a creative outlet. Careers have been launched onYouTube. Stars have been born on YouTube. Cats have done cute cat things on YouTube. The service is also like no other video platform that came before it in that it provides hours upon hours of free entertainment for viewers. But what if you want to save a few of those crazy cat videos locally on your computer so you can watch them over and over again with no buffering and no new ads?

There are a number of free apps and services designed to let users quickly and easily download videos from YouTube without having to dig through webpage source code or do anything else that might be considered complicated.

An example of a great free YouTube video downloading service is SaveFrom.net, which does exactly what its name suggests it does: It saves files from the Internet.

The SaveFrom.net website includes a single field front and center where users can paste a link. Simply copy the URL for the YouTube video you want to download, paste it in the field on the SaveFrom.net home page and click “Download.” Your video will begin downloading immediately — it’s that easy.

SaveFrom.net can also quickly and easily download videos and files from sites other than YouTube (Vimeo, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitch.tv and many more are supported), and the service offers a free browser plugin that adds a Download button to supported sites.

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