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How to Get More Room on Your Windows 10 Taskbar

David Pogue
Tech Critic

In Windows 10, the Search box is no longer hiding inside the Start menu. It’s right there at the bottom edge of your screen, all the time.

It’s great the Microsoft made the Search box so big and obvious, but it does eat up a lot of space. If you’d rather dedicate that precious real estate to things like your taskbar buttons, right-click (or hold your finger down on) a blank spot on the taskbar.

The shortcut menu offers a Cortana command. Its submenus include “Show search box” (the usual setup), “Show Cortana icon” (only a circle where the Search box should be), and “Hidden.”

Even if you choose “Show Cortana icon” or “Hidden,” you can still press the various search/Cortana keystrokes, like Windows key+S to search or  Windows+C to speak to Cortana.

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