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How to Make a $129 Google Watch Pass for an Apple Watch

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

Want to get in on the Apple Watch excitement but (1) don’t feel like dropping the big dough to buy one, or (2) don’t have an iPhone with which to pair one? Allow us to suggest a suitable plan B.

No smartwatch running Google’s Android Wear has been as celebrated as Apple’s new timepiece. However, just like Google’s smartphones, Android watches run highly customizable software and, with models starting at just over $100, you can presto-change-o almost any Android Wear watch into a convincing Apple Watch knockoff.

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To pull off this trick, all you need is an app called Bubble Cloud Widgets + Wear, available on Google Play. Download it from your Android phone, then enable it in the Watch faces section of your handset’s Android Wear app. The face of your paired Wear watch will then display the bubbly Apple Watch cluster-of-apps home screen.

Flash your wrist to friends and family with this mod loaded up and they’ll be convinced you were part of the “it” crowd that ordered an Apple Watch at the strike of midnight on launch day. 

That was my experience, anyhow. I posted a photo of my “Apple Watch” to Facebook, and my friends went nuts.

What’s sweeter is that the Bubble Cloud mod is about more than just looks. From its watch face, you can actually load up an app by touching its corresponding bubble (a simple function that’s lacking in the normal Wear software).

The Android bait-and-switch solution won’t work for those who already use iPhone: Android Wear watches only operate with Android phones (for now). But if it turns out that you can muster the $350 it takes to get a bottom-of-the-line Apple Watch Sport, we do know of another quick trick involving gold spray paint and tape that will bump the extravagance of your wearable to Edition level:

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