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How to save on taxes when you're spending on vacations


Americans will spend a record $100 billion on summer vacations this year -- 20% more than they spent last year, according to a recent report from Allianz Global Assistance USA.

A portion of those funds will pay for travel-related taxes like taxes on car rentals and hotel rooms -- taxes vacationers might not have budgeted for...but vacationers may also be able to save on taxes.

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For example, they can write off part of their vacation spending if they they conduct some business during their time away. "You can't just go away on a luxury vacation and write the whole thing off. There has to be a business purpose," explains David Selig of Selig & Associates, an accounting firm, and TrueTaxHelp.com. "But your husband [or wife] and your children will have to pay full freight."

Parents of children attending summer daycamp can also save on taxes by taking a tax credit for child care. Sleepaway camp is not eligible.

For those taking staycations -- not traveling anywhere but staying home -- and gathering items to donate to charity, Selig has some more advice. "Keep good records. Make sure you donate to a qualified organization and they memorialize your contribution in writing. That's very important. The days of just saying i contributed X amount of dollars, they're gone."

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