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How to Use Windows 10′s New Task View

David Pogue
Tech Critic
Yahoo Tech

When you’ve got several programs open, how do you switch from one to the next?

There’s a keyboard shortcut for that—Alt+Tab. But Microsoft’s research says that only 6 percent of Windows know that one. (Which is amazing to people who use that keystroke 50 times a day.)

So in Windows 10, there’s a new button, shown in the video above. When you click it, you open Task View: a tidy “index card” view of all open windows. Click the one you want.

You can also hit the Windows key + Tab to open Task View.

It’s better than Alt+Tab for two reasons—first, because it’s not a hidden shortcut, and second, because Task View stays open on the screen until you click. You don’t have to keep certain keys pressed.

There ya go!

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