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Money Minute: 5 resume tips to help you land the job you want

Did you know that employers spend just six seconds looking at your resume? I’ll tell you how to keep their attention in this week’s Money Minute.

Put links to your professional website or Linkedin page up high. Make sure they’re hyperlinked, too, for easy clicking. You shouldn’t include Facebook or Twitter but definitely clean up any photos or posts that might turn someone off.

Center your headings. Research has shown that employers look down the middle of a resume when scanning it. So make sure your headings — like "professional development" and "work experience" —  are centered.

Yes, the font matters. You can read all day about the differing opininos of career experts on which font is best and which will turn hiring managers off, but just follow this rule of thumb: choose something simple that won’t hurt their eyes. I'm a fan of  Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica. Whichever font you use, be sure to use it consistently across your resume.

Get rid of old high school and college achievements. Unless your Glee Club championship or college newspaper gig are relevant to the job you're going for, nobody will care. The same goes for awards, student activities and scholarships.

List accomplishments, not job duties. Did you increase revenue? Land a major contract? This is the place to brag about it.

BONUS TIP: Don’t lie. Employers run background checks routinely, so don’t think you can get away with a little white lie on your resume. That’s a real quick way to get fired later.

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