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Howard Thompson, aka "Hitman" Howie Tee, New Creative Director at 36 Production Music

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 10, 2013) - 36 Production Music announces celebrity music producer, Howard Thompson, aka "Hitman" Howie Tee, will be the new creative director for the music production company. Howie Tee has collaborated with some of the most talented professionals in the music industry and was instrumental in creating big hits with the likes of Color Me Badd, Paula Abdul, Madonna, and The Real Roxanne. His new position as music director at 36PM will give him plenty of creative room to build on these successes because according to Howie, "I've got a long way to go."

Howie Tee brings an impressive set of credentials to his new position at 36 Production Music. His experience and creativity will help to ensure that 36PM customers are able to always get the freshest beats and hip trendy sounds from 36PM. "We can't say enough about what having Howie Tee on our staff as creative director means to 36PM," said Perry Firoz, director of 36 Production Music. "He is an amazing, accomplished musical talent with a renowned reputation for producing hits. He will help tremendously in our mission to bring the highest quality royalty free production music to our clients. In addition to knowing his way around a music studio, Howie Tee is also well-known and respected in the music industry, so we are understandably excited about him being a key part of our team," added Firoz.

Hailing originally from Birmingham, England, Howie eventually put down roots in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he became an instant success in the borough's burgeoning club scene. It is here that he earned the moniker of Howie Tee while working as one of the area's most recognized DJs. This would be the beginning of an amazing career that eventually saw him teaming up with Heavy D, Father MC, Chubb Rock, The Real Roxanne, Special Ed, and many others to produce tracks that would sell millions of copies, cementing his status as "Hitman" Howie Tee.

Howie Tee will be a welcome addition to the 36 Production Music staff where he will play a key role in producing the top quality production music the company and its clients have come to expect. The thing that sets 36PM apart from its peers is that the pricing of their music makes it possible for content producers of all kinds to get the music they need at a fraction of the price it would be sold elsewhere. "36 Production Music is distinguished by our collaboration with A-List producers of Top 10 hits across the US and Europe for artists such as Christina Aguilera, Real McCoy, Yvonne Catterfeld, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Snoop Dogg, Madonna, and many others," said Firoz. "You might not expect to find this kind of talent in an affordable library and you'd probably be right. But not when it comes to the 36PM library, and there's a very good reason for that," he added. "Proceeds from every sale go to benefit the Ponheary Ly Foundation."

The Ponheary Ly Foundation (PLF) was created in 2005 to help impoverished children in rural areas of Cambodia with basic needs and necessities. PLF helps Cambodian children with funding for things like education, medical care, food and even items like bicycles. A number of big-name music producers like Anthony Mazza and Frank "Quickmix" Hassas teamed up with Howie Tee to join 36 Production Music in their support of PLF. Working alongside 36PM, these talented artists agreed that they would sell their professional works at a significantly reduced price and at a "royalty free" rate to help the foundation.

The demand for 36PM music has increased on a worldwide basis each year and with the help of "Hitman" Howie Tee, the company will continue to build on its extensive music collection. The entire 36PM catalog can be searched online at their website at 36pm.com.

About 36 Production Music: 36 Production Music was launched in 2012 to meet the needs of broadcast producers and independent audio designers, offering them top quality, trending music from highly talented musical producers. 36 Production Music licenses its catalog on a royalty-free basis. Custom music is also available upon request. The company's main focus is on current music trends, innovative hip sounds, and top quality real beats.

This exclusive production music company makes purchasing music online simple and very affordable while at the same time giving their customers a unique opportunity to support impoverished children in Cambodia through the PFL Charity Foundation.

For more information on 36 Production Music visit their website or call 1-855-336-3676.