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HP to Ship Windows 10 PCs on July 28 in Bid to Be First to Market

Yahoo Tech

When it comes to the launch of a new operating system, even with all of the free upgrades Microsoft is offering to Windows 7 and 8 users, it’s clear that there are going to be a good number of new systems purchased. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the big hardware makers like Dell and HP are battling it out to be the first to offer a comprehensive range of products sporting Windows 10.

To that end, HP has announced that its related lineup will start shipping out on July 28, the day before Windows 10 is officially launched.

“As we get closer to Windows 10 availability, I want to clearly explain how HP will deliver new devices with Windows 10 pre-installed to customers,” said HP’s VP of product management for consumer PCs, Mike Nash in a blog post. Right now, a customer can buy select PCs with Windows 10 directly from HP.com, and they will ship on July 28th. We are offering free next-day shipping so customers will receive the device on July 29th.”

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However, picking up one of HP’s new Windows 10 systems directly from a retailer will take a little longer, with Nash explaining that we can expect those devices to show up in stores by August 2nd.

As much of a let-down as that may be for those who prefer the old-school method of purchasing electronics, netting a shipping day prior to the operating system’s launch is a big win for HP, enabling the firm to beat out one of its biggest hardware rivals, Dell, by a day. HP previously stated that buyers could expect to receive their device by July 30.

While that extra 24-hour waiting period may not bother everyone, there are likely a few that would consider switching their pre-order to get hold of their device that bit earlier. Are you one of them?