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HQGE's Big M Entertainment Pictures to Begin Filming Full-Length Feature Film CAPTURED

Los Angeles, CA, May 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- HQ Global Education, Inc. (HQGE) announced today that that its wholly owned subsidiary Big M Entertainment Pictures (BMEP) is ready to begin production on its full-length feature film, CAPTURED, in early June, and that they are confident that they will be able to complete the project while adhering to all necessary guidance and requirements pertaining to the current COVID pandemic.

Marvin Williams, President of BMEP and one the film’s producers, commented, “As they say in Hollywood, ‘The show must go on’, and BMEP is dedicated to stepping up to the challenge of delivering an ‘edge of your seat – hair raising’ supernatural horror film with minimum crew levels and maximum production value.”

Mr. Williams added, “What makes this moment unique from a filmmaking perspective is a uniquely crafted production workflow where we have minimized the number of crew members needed to execute the filming while still delivering a unique visual experience for a demanding audience. We also remain committed an aggressive post-production schedule including delivery of the completed film in Q4 of 2020.”

CAPTURED is an independent supernatural horror film and psychological thriller that takes place on the heels of a crippling pandemic. The film is centered on a couple who set out on a vacation getaway and just as they arrive at their destination they learn that the “safer at home” order has been reinstated and the quarantine will be back in effect within 24 hours. The disgruntled couple reluctantly decide to return home, but before doing so they stop to pick up a keepsake which later unleashes a horrific force inside their home, leaving them trapped inside while also facing the anxiety of the ongoing pandemic.

The film’s creators have built upon elements of earlier successful releases, including the minimal casting arrangements seen in films like “Paranormal Activity”, which grossed over $193M at the U.S. box office, and the gritty, realistic styling of “The Blair Witch Project”, which grossed over $248M at the U.S. box office.

The irony of the horror film genre is its remarkable ability to consistently rank among the most profitable genres without relying on high priced A-List actors, which it does by introducing a steady stream of outstanding up and coming young talent. CAPTURED continues this tradition by featuring rising newcomer Jamie Ohlsen, who has appeared in seven features in preparation for what by all appearances figures to be his first breakout role. As an added bonus, and perhaps a box office “kicker”, the film has also been written to include a surprise star cameo role, the details of which are in final negotiations and currently being kept secret.

The film concept developed by BMEP and demonstrated in CAPTURED provides one of the cornerstones of the company’s signature offerings and has already been received enthusiastically by the same distribution companies that are now in negotiations with BMEP regarding two of BMEP’s documentaries, TREES and DISTANCE, both of which are currently in pre-production. Additional information on those films will be forthcoming soon.


HQ Global Education, Inc. is the parent company of Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc., a full-service film and TV production company located in the heart of Los Angeles. The company was founded by Marvin Williams, who brings with him with more than fifteen years’ experience working with music, film and TV projects covering a wide range of budgets and scope. Headed by Mr. Williams and a seasoned team of Hollywood veterans, Big M Entertainment is able to draw on its broad and talented base of writers, producers, directors, editors and technicians to provide complete services and assistance at every phase of film and TV content creation, including concept development, writing, editing, cinematography, visual effects and post-production. The company is also an industry pioneer in the fast-growing fields of online content and micro-budget film creation and is currently engaged in a number of projects being created specifically for concurrent or integrated release both in theaters and for home viewing or on personal devices.

For additional information visit  https://hqgeinc.comhttp://www.bigmentertainment.com,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-Tm4HRgSgghttp://www.bigmentertainment.com/BIGM_HTS/index_agent.php

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