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HR Payroll Systems Announces Site Merge with HRIS Payroll Software

Merge of HRPayrollSystems.net with HRISPayrollSoftware.com makes learning about different HRIS solutions, comparing software, and getting help with their HRIS needs easier than ever for HR professionals seeking new payroll and HR software.

Orlando, FL, Feb. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HRPayrollSystems.net, a software website for HRIS solutions that offers free services that match HR professionals with HRIS software vendors, is pleased to announce that it has merged with HRISPayrollSoftware.com. HRPayrollSystems.net, which was launched in 2013 and underwent a redesign in 2019, now has all of the content from both websites in one location, making it easier than ever before to find information on the selecting the right HR software solution.

“It’s important for a company to find the right HR software,” says Dave Rietsema, the founder of HRPayrollSystems.net. “The right software will be able to meet a company’s technological needs and make HR function more efficiently and smoothly while the wrong software might make HR professionals’ jobs more difficult. Finding the right software that will best benefit a company is essential and this merge will make that even easier by ensuring more information is available to HR professionals all in the same location.”

The website merge will make finding the ideal HR software easier for HR professionals. All information from both sites is now available in one location so it’s more convenient for HR professionals to find the data they need from HRPayrollSystems.net’s articles, blog, case studies, and easy-to-use vendor match page.

About HRPayrollSystems.net:

HRPayrollSystems.net is committed to assisting HR professionals with identifying, evaluating, and selecting HR software. Dave Rietsema, an experienced, PHR-certified HR professional, founded HRPayrollSystems.net after assisting the company he had worked for to find a new HRIS solution. He has experience with both HRIS and payroll solutions and is dedicated to making finding the right HR software vendor quicker and easier.

HRPayrollSystems.net’s Vendor Match tool collects information from an HR professional about his or her company’s specific needs. That information is then processed and reviewed to suggest HRIS and HRMS solutions for evaluation by the company. This tool can save HR professionals time and offers results that will best fit the company’s needs.

HR Payroll Systems also features blogs and articles that can help HR professionals answer their questions about HRIS solutions. With the site merge with HRISPayrollSoftware.com, there is now more information on HRPayrollSystems.net than ever before.

HRPayrollSystems.net is a part of the Lucerna, LLC family that also includes ApplicantTrackingSystems.net. Together these sites look to match companies with the software vendors that will best meet their needs.

Dave Rietsema
HR Payroll Systems
(407) 986-5660