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Huawei launches new chip and earphones, pretends smartphones don't exist

Stan Schroeder

Huawei's got a new smartphone chip, but don't ask the company about smartphones. 

That was roughly the gist of Huawei's media briefing ahead of the IFA trade show in Berlin. The company detailed its new smartphone chip, the Kirin 990, as well as the latest iteration of its AirPods-like earphones, the Freebuds 3. But questions about any other products — including the Mate X, which was at one point scheduled to be launched in September, as well as the Mate 30, which is scheduled to launch in two weeks, were not allowed. 

It's not hard to imagine why Huawei was reluctant to talk about smartphones. Under pressure from the U.S. trade ban, the company likely still isn't sure to what extent it'll be able to use Google's products and services in upcoming Android phones. Word on the street is that the Mate 30 series will launch with Android but without Google Play, which would essentially ruin that device for most users outside of China.  Read more...

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