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Huge boost for health and wellbeing professionals as client attraction platform is made free

Professionals can advertise their classes and workshops for free on Unlimited Wellbeing. Source: Design Pics Inc/REX/Shutterstock

Health and wellbeing professionals could welcome a massive boost to their earnings as a huge client attraction platform has been made free to use.

Unlimited Wellbeing announced it recently benefited from a six-figure investment and is now aiming to become the UK’s number one online portal for everything health and wellbeing related. The website connects practitioners and specialists with potential clients, as well as provides health education and support.

Sanjiv Corepal, CEO of Unlimited Wellbeing, said the decision to offer free membership will benefit consumers and service providers alike, bringing cohesion to a “dynamic but hugely fragmented industry”.

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“The UK wellbeing industry is massive and growing quickly,” he said. “People realise that looking after themselves is no longer just a lifestyle choice. It’s a necessity. There are literally thousands of ways that people can improve their health and happiness but knowing what is on offer and who to trust can be a minefield. We want to make it as easy as possible for professionals and clients to find each other and do business.”

Health and wellbeing professionals who sign up to the platform will be able to showcase their services on their profile, as well as advertise classes, workshops, and events free of charge. They will also receive unlimited access to business support services.

A nationwide marketing campaign is planned for early 2019, which Corepal hopes will drive thousands of potential clients to the site looking for personal wellbeing help. With many health and wellbeing professionals being small businesses, the cost of attracting clientele can be a barrier to success, something Unlimited Wellbeing is “determined to put right,” he said.

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“Small business and sole traders don’t have huge marketing budgets so finding new customers can be hard work and time consuming,” he said. “[Unlimited Wellbeing] gives them access to millions of potential clients who will be able to easily search our database for free and find the right professional to help them improve their health and happiness.”

Holly Crosby from wellness website Simplyou Coaching is one of many health and wellbeing professionals who have welcomed the move to make Unlimited Wellbeing a free resource, saying that it will help her grow her business considerably.

“It’s fantastic that the public now have one single site they can visit that offers than a world of options and allows them to see what’s on offer,” she said. “Being able to showcase my professional services on the platform for free is a real bonus.”

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As part of its drive to create “the UK’s most dynamic online community of health and wellbeing professionals”, Unlimited Wellbeing will also donate £1 for each person who signs up to YoungMinds, the UK’s leading charity fighting for young people’s mental health.