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How Hugh Grant’s wife got ‘kidnapped’ by a taxi driver on their honeymoon

On Wednesday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, actor Hugh Grant talked about his most recent fight with a Paris taxi driver. He claims to “always” fight with taxi drivers in Paris because “they’re not very nice, truth be told.”

This encounter happened after he married Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein last month. As Grant tells the story, the driver claimed his credit card machine was working but when they reached their destination, it was not working.

“So there was this terrible fight and he took me to an ATM and the ATM didn’t work and I panicked,” Grant said. He told Eberstein to get out of the car while admitting to the driver that he wasn’t going to pay the fare.

“At which point, he kidnapped her,” Grant said. “Just drove off with my wife. That was a real downer on the honeymoon.”

While the actual kidnapping was short-lived, it sounds as if the event will be a thing in their marriage for a while. Grant said Eberstein is still resentful that he didn’t run after the car. But, he said, “it was going at 50 miles an hour — what’s the point?”

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