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Human Longevity Invests in SOLIUS to Improve Consumer Health by Mitigating Vitamin D Deficiency In US

Investment supports retail site and home use of safe, effective phototherapy devices

Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) a pioneer and leader in the delivery of data-driven, predictive, precision health intelligence to clients, today announced an investment in SOLIUS made via its corporate venture fund.

The SOLIUS technology stimulates the production of vitamin D in the skin using a narrow spectrum of ultraviolet B (UVB) light. Vitamin D has a wide range of impact on systemic health and supports physical, mental and immune function. SOLIUS delivers safe and effective light therapy using a personalized dosing system while filtering out nearly all other ultraviolet light. SOLIUS technology can produce 10x more vitamin D than the sun, using 100x less ultraviolet energy. This technology is also an effective solution for at risk populations unable to absorb vitamin D orally. Bob Wise, CEO of SOLIUS said "Humans need sun exposure to stay healthy, but the sun has the potential to cause damage. SOLIUS was created to change that paradigm and we are excited to partner with HLI in developing technologies that prevent disease and improve human health".

Wei-Wu He, PhD, Executive Chairman, HLI stated: "We are excited to invest in SOLIUS as its mission is to provide the benefits of the sun without the harmful rays to unlock the healing powers of the human body. Investing in SOLIUS is another example of HLI’s expertise in aggregating and leveraging technologies designed to demonstrably increase health, performance and lifespan. I welcome SOLIUS to our emerging ecosystem of longevity and performance-focused companies."


Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) is a genomics-based, health intelligence company empowering proactive healthcare and enabling a life better lived. HLI’s business focus includes the Health Nucleus, a genomic-powered, precision medicine center which uses whole-genome sequencing analysis, advanced imaging, and blood analytics, to deliver the most complete picture of individual health. For more information, visit www.humanlongevity.com.


SOLIUS was founded to advance the understanding of photobiology and the impact that ultraviolet light has on the human body. SOLIUS is dedicated to developing light therapies that stimulate the production of hormones via the skin. The SOLIUS products aim to improve health for people affected by conditions scientifically correlated with a reduction in sun exposure and vitamin D deficiency.

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Bree Zou, Marketing Manager