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Humaniq, Blockchain Financial Platform for the Unbanked, Appoints CEO and 20 Members to Global Advisory Board

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Apr 12, 2017) - Humaniq (https://humaniq.co/), the blockchain financial platform offering financial inclusion solutions for the unbanked, today announced its executive leadership and advisory board, helping guide the company through its current token sale and the development of its mobile banking app that will support Humaniq's humanitarian initiative.

"Humaniq is a disruptive tech platform innovation for good. We are a solution to a global problem," said Alex Fork, President and co-Founder of Humaniq. "More than half the world lives on less than $2.50 a day and more than 80 percent of the world's population lives in countries where income differentials are widening. Humaniq will help reverse these trends and bring people out of poverty by giving them banking tools that are easy to understand. Humaniq will provide liquidity for entrepreneurial ventures via loans, online work and crypto-financing as well as helping to create new opportunities in the digital economy, locally, nationally and internationally. With the appointment of our new CEO we are ready to capitalize on these opportunities immediately."

Dinis Guarda has been appointed as CEO of Humaniq. Guarda is an entrepreneur and author with a strong background in international management, blockchain and financial inclusion, who has previously founded the successful ventures Ztudium, intelligenthq.com and Tradingfloor.com.

Alex Fork, who founded Humaniq in 2016 to help lift the unbanked out of poverty in emerging economies, now serves as President and Leading Visionary of Humaniq. Fork previously founded the Future Fintech Accelerator and authored the book "Bitcoin: More than money."

"We strongly believe that the heart, humanity and experience represented on this team will be the driving force behind Humaniq's success," said Dinis Guarda, CEO of Humaniq.

"We have already raised over $3M for our token sale in just three days," added Guarda.

"With our strong team and advisory board as our foundation, we look forward to building the new world of financial inclusion, industry 4.0 and education together with Humaniq," Guarda explained.

The Humaniq executive leadership team consists of:

  • Alex Fork, President and Co-Founder of Humaniq and Leading Visionary, Luxembourg.

  • Dinis Guarda, CEO of Humaniq, UK.

  • Dmitry Kaminskiy, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Humaniq, UK.

  • Richard Kastelein, Chief Marketing Officer, Netherlands.

The Humaniq advisory board consists of twenty leaders from around the world with diverse backgrounds in global policy, public affairs, technology, science, blockchain and education:

  • Nick Ayton, Technology Advisory Board / 21 Million Project, UK

  • Karl Hoods, Policy and Legal Advisor, Save the Children, London, UK

  • Pavel Kravchenko, Technology/Blockchain Advisor, Ukraine

  • Michael Terpin, Technology Advisor/Transform Group, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  • Chami Akmeemana, Technology Advisor/Policy and Legal advisory board / ‎Advisor for regulator, Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), Australia

  • Matt McKibbin, Technology Advisor/Crypto Economy, US

  • Ron Morris, Scientific Advisor/Education/Universities Advisor, Director Groupe INSEEC San Francisco, US

  • Derin Cag, Advisor Chief Influencer Officer, Founder of Richtopia.com, UK

  • Tim Campbell MBE, Public Affairs and Global Policy advisory, UK

  • Alex Bausch, Technology Advisory Board / Co-Chairman of the Blockchain Ecosystem Network, Netherlands

  • Matthias Klees, Technology Advisor / Bitcoinsulting, Szenekonzept, Germany

  • Iggy Bassy, Policy and Legal advisory board / Social Impact and AI, Data expert, Founder Cervest UK

  • Paul Mears, Policy and Financial Risk advisory board / Currency International Payments advisor, Monaco

  • Vishai Mishra, Technology advisory board / Big Data and Security, Rightrelevance.com, US

  • David Applefield, Public Affairs and Global Policy Advisor/Communications and PR Advisor, FT Special Rep for Africa, France.

  • Jochen Heussner, Chief Financial Officer / Legal and Financial Investment Advisor EU, Founder Planetcompliance.com, Italy

  • Alexander Perkins, Legal and Financial Investment Advisor, USA

  • Alakanani Itireleng, Africa [leading] Ambassador, Botswana

  • Dickson Nsofor, Technology and Policy advisor, New York branch lead, United Nations relations, US

  • Maria Fonseca, Evangelist and Thought Leader, Editor Intelligenthq.com, UK.

Humaniq is currently hosting a public Token Sale to fund its Blockchain banking app for financial inclusion. The ICO reached 1706 Bitcoin, 2,030,037.64 US Dollars in its first day.

"This project is much beyond crypto-currencies. This is a social good movement gathering the best people in the world focused on converting the most advanced tech for sustainable development in the undeveloped world. Now, with this enhanced advisory board, the Humaniq project will be able to address governments and global non-profit organizations. The technological tool to tackle down the main challenges facing the 2 billion unbanked people has arrived. Humaniq will create deep impact for social good on a global scale," said Dmitry Kaminskiy, co-founder of Humaniq and managing partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures.

To learn more and to participate, visit: https://my.humaniq.co/?roistat_visit=103423.

About Humaniq:
Humaniq is an Ethereum-based blockchain banking app building the next generation model for financial services. Launched in 2016, Humaniq aims to provide mobile finance to the 2 billion unbanked population through its mobile app that uses biometric authentication to replace traditional methods of ID and security. Humaniq's open source stack and API will be available for startups and other businesses to build services on its core technology, making it easy to adapt their service and plug it into Humaniq's network to reach a huge, untapped audience. For more information, visit https://humaniq.co/.