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Humanity Life Extension, LLC Announces The Humility® Cancer Treatment, a Breakthrough Metastatic Cancer Solution

Illustration 1 Angela P. - Triple Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer Patient treated with The Humility Cancer Treatment. (Photo: Humanity Life Extension)


Treatment Targets Cancers Including Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Today, Humanity Life Extension, LLC announced a breakthrough metastatic cancer treatment known as The Humility® Cancer Treatment. Doctors have known for many years that cancer dies at 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Good cells begin to die at 111.0 degrees F. The first advancement by Humanity Life Extension, has been to develop a method to keep a patient safely alive at 109.0 degrees F for a long enough period of time to kill the cancer (cells) while simultaneously not harming any of the body’s good cells, including the patient’s brain. Limited human trials thus far suggest, that this portion has been accomplished, provided the procedure is conducted properly and as intended. The medical apparatus and process, developed by Inventor and Researcher Patrick Spearman, of Humanity Life Extension, results in a procedure which is known as The Humility® Full Body Induced Systemic Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment. This heating portion of the Humility® procedure is amazingly safe. One reason, as stated by multi-patent holder Patrick Spearman, is that “We remove the CO2 from the bloodstream and do not rely on the ventilator/respirator, which cannot keep up with the toxic amount produced at these temperatures.”

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The technology is based on Reactive Oxygen Species generation, not unlike chemotherapy, whereby electrons are stolen from the molecules of the cancer cell in order to create an electron stealing frenzy, putting the cancer cell into a death spiral. However, chemo can cause tremendous collateral damage to a patient’s good cells and the horrible side effects. With this new Humility® technology those side effects are eliminated.

Due to the patented Humility® heating procedure (109.0 degrees F), whereby the cancer dies in “Real Time” (in just a matter of 2.5 to 3.0 hours of therapy time), Oncologists and Medical Professionals would know or presume that the patient would likely die of Tumor Lysis Syndrome (TLS). The dead cancer matter, which is highly acidic, would undoubtedly drop the patient’s pH level down to dangerous or fatal levels. Example: The human body’s natural pH is 7.41. If a person’s pH drops to a level of 7.0, that person would have approximately 1 hour to live. If a person’s pH drops to 7.15 or 7.2, that person would ordinarily die within 5-7 hours.

Therefore, it was important for Researcher Patrick Spearman to develop a ground-breaking medical discovery, that being the Humility® Toxin Removal System, that could maintain the patient’s body near a perfect state of physiological homeostasis at all times, including their pH level. Given the high cancer load levels of the advanced stage trial patient’s tumors and disease, it was imperative to maintain the patient’s pH between 7.35 and 7.45 during the procedure and for a period of time after in order to keep the patient completely safe and the procedure effective. Interestingly, this same Humility® patented Toxin Removal Technology could be applied to someone with severe pancreatitis and almost certainly survive the otherwise fatal acidosis condition created by such an organ’s malfunction. One can see the benefit of Humanity Life Extension’s revolutionary pH sustainable technology benefitting the medical industry in a substantial way all on its own.

While many new cancer therapies tout benefit, very few can show “Before and After” PET/CT or MRI scans demonstrating small to enormous tumors or cancer masses completely removed just days after the treatment. Humility® proudly shows such radiography or magnetic resonance imagery. According to President, Shelly Amann, “With Humility® our objective is to completely eradicate the patient’s tumor mass or significantly reduce any cancer that existed prior to undergoing our procedure.”

The following “Before and After” scans of two separate patients demonstrates what’s possible with this newly developed technology, including Triple Negative Breast Cancer -Inflammatory (Illustration 1) and Cervical Cancer (Illustration 2).

A GLP Animal Study demonstrating safety was conducted at an FDA approved laboratory in the Houston area and then a credible IRB (Independent Review Board) was established to review those results and recommend moving on to human trials in Queretaro, Mexico at two different private hospitals including Hospital San Jose and Star Medica which is owned by Carlos Slim. Fourteen of the fifteen Humility® patient procedures were performed on USA citizens who voluntarily traveled with friends or family to Mexico to have this procedure.

According to Dr. Amir Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer of Humanity Life Extension, who spent three years at Johns Hopkins and five years at MD Anderson, “No other treatment in the history of the world has killed cancer so thoroughly and quickly. This treatment is a game changer.”

Currently Humanity Life Extension is seeking to raise 20 million dollars to undergo an FDA approved IDE Clinical Safety Trial. According to Patrick Spearman, “Of all the technologies being looked at for treating cancer, the Humility® procedure needs to be considered a top priority for further investigation and approval.”

A twelve-page Executive Technical Summary detailing the procedure as well as illustrating some of the results is available either by email or a printed brochure from Humanity Life Extension, LLC.

This technology is not registered with the FDA and not currently available for sale or use in the USA.

For more information regarding The Humility® Cancer Treatment Journey, please visit Patrick Spearman’s (The Woodlands, TX) Facebook page.

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