Humberto Herrera Explains Why the Post-COVID Era Executive Needs to Stand Out More Than Ever

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Mexico City, Oct. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For Humberto Herrera, one of the top personal branding experts, executives as well as job-searching professionals are facing levels of competition that have not been seen before. Herrera believes personal branding is giving top performers a major advantage.

“Lack of stability in the job market will only increase from here on out. The stronger an employee’s perceived value for the organization is, the higher the probability that he or she will keep that job. Personal branding has become a reliable tool that helps to elevate how company leaders perceive a member of their team in terms of value. It’s a tool that continues to separate top performers from the rest,” Herrera shares.

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the brutal impact COVID has exerted over the job market. Between September 2019 and the same month of 2020, unemployment has grown by over 100% in the finance sector, compared to 120% in the education sector, and a whopping 400% in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Humberto Herrera explains, “The pandemic has basically brought a level of innovation into the workplace at a speed nobody ever predicted. Investing in personal branding has become a key strategic advantage that can open doors for ambitious individuals. Overachievers are moving ahead faster than ever. They are investing capital, time, and brainpower into professional land grabbing. They are not waiting for things to get better. They are thriving in the midst of chaos.”

About the firm he leads, Herrera explains, “In pre-COVID times, the vast majority of our clients were basically exceptional individuals who wanted to accelerate their professional careers. We could say that our service was, in essence, a luxury. In 2020, in addition to the previously described market, we have seen a rise in top executives’ demand for personal branding services. Before COVID, they would have never hired a specialized firm. You have people with triple-A talent who are actually afraid to lose their jobs. They know that, now, they may get replaced by a competitor who’s looking to get paid half of what they’re bringing in and who’s willing to put in weekends and whatever it might take to get the position.”

A comprehensive study, put together by Jobvite, shows that, even before the pandemic, 95% of recruiters in the U.S. believed that the job market was systematically becoming more and more competitive, and, as a result, candidates who stood out got the best job opportunities. When you add the new complexities of this economic-crisis to the mix, for candidates who are actively searching for a job, having a tool that can help them significantly differentiate themselves from other applicants is no longer just an advantage. Now, it’s a necessity.

For professionals who are actively seeking job opportunities, the United Nations recently interviewed Humberto Herrera as part of their 75th anniversary. “Personal branding can dramatically increase a candidate’s chances of getting selected in a recruitment process,” he pointed out during the interview, then continued by commenting on his experience. “In our 10 plus years working as personal branding specialists, we have built strong relationships with the headhunter community. Something we have learned from them is that the less flat and average a candidate looks, the higher the probability is that this person will be selected for the position. Suppose you have five applicants for a job. All of them come from great schools and have solid recommendation letters as well as good work experience. Now, imagine one of them has been featured in the most prestigious industry-specific media outlet and quoted as an expert on a recurring basis. Undoubtedly, this person will have a major advantage.”

Humberto Herrera Rincón Gallardo is one of the top personal branding experts. He specializes in high profile executives, large business owners, and public figures. Together with his team, he has spent over 10 years serving clients and researching the key elements of personal branding.

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