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How Hustle Division is Paving the Way in Social Media Marketing

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 23, 2019 / Hustle Division is the new wave of influencer marketing that is evolving the marketing industry. Led by its Founder and CEO Geivon "EG" Cisneros, this group of creative directors develop promotional structures for new music, products, and services in need of marketing. By creating a platform where influencer's and creators can come together to establish strong advertising strategies that reach their target audience, Hustle Division has gained notable clients such as RocNation, Yours Truly Clothing, and Universal Music Group. It's no secret that the high standards and work ethic at Hustle Division help them thrive in a market estimated to be worth $7.5 billion in 2020.

So, what exactly is an influencer marketing structure?

It’s allowing a public figure, with an already established relationship to an audience, represent a product or service in order to gain publicity. Instead of bombarding its audience with ads, a product or company becomes more appealing when they use a familiar face that the target market is able to connect with. This is where the influencer aspect becomes essential.

The California native got a taste of the overwhelming impact of how a successful marketing plan paired with a powerful influencer could be. This year Hustle Division activated record label campaigns such as Saweetie's "My Type"' released under Warner Records, which became a top trending song in 2019. Hustle Division has also assisted in producing and writing songs such as "Te Necesito" by Phora and "Somebody Like You" by popular influencer Danielle Cohn. In October of 2018, H.D. assisted in setting up a public event for recording artist, Phora, at Shoe Palace on Hollywood Boulevard. The event captured the attention of thousands of people. A few days later the event was publicized on huge TV platforms such as TMZ, and The Wendy Williams Show, this demonstrated the undeniable power of how creative social media marketing helped create the event.

Today, the Latin entrepreneur's unique spin on marketing implements influencer structured projects where the goal is to create a genuine relationship between consumer and brand rather than just placing the product on a screen. With the growing popularity of social media, it is important to create business opportunities where others see entertainment. As Hustle Division continues to expand, the team is constantly pushing forward with new marketing trends and strategies. At this point, HD continues to push the boundaries where social media has become a mandatory factor in today's world of marketing.


Ariana Alvarado

SOURCE: Hustle Division

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