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HUTECH Massage Chair, "Sonic Wave Massage System" Received 'CES 2022' Innovation Award

·4 min read
  • HUTECH provides relaxation and inspiration for life through rest using massage solutions and massage chairs as the medium

  • KAI GTS9 Art Motion, recognized for technology, design, and innovation at CES 2022 and received the Innovation Award

  • Equipped with HUTECH's sonic wave massage system, realizing a great feeling of massage that goes previous technologies

GIMPO-SI, South Korea, Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- "Sonic vibration massage system," a new concept in massage technology applied to HUTECH's massage chair by HUTECH Industry (CEO Seong-Jin Ju), a company dedicated to healthcare, has been recognized in the global market, and 'KAI GTS9 Art Motion' received the Innovation Award in the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 in the Smart Home category.

HUTECH Massage Chair, “Sonic Wave Massage System” Received ‘CES 2022’ Innovation Award
HUTECH Massage Chair, “Sonic Wave Massage System” Received ‘CES 2022’ Innovation Award

HUTECH is a specialized company in the area of healthcare, based on the philosophy - 'A healthier world for everyone'. Founded in 2007, HUTECH becomes renowned after being awarded 'Innovation award of CES 2022' and topped 'Korea customer satisfaction index' in 2021, for its unrivaled technology.

Capitalizing on the recent achievement, HUTECH plans to push forward the overseas business with it's unique 'Sonic wave massage' technology.

HUTECH said, "At CES 2022, HUTECH was recognized for the overall excellence of its massage chair, at the same time received high marks in innovation and design of products to be designated the winner of the Innovation Award in Smart Home category."

HUTECH's high-end flagship model that was honored this year, the "KAI GTS9 Art Motion," is equipped with "HUTECH massage mechanism 2.0" created by combining HUTECH's original technology HBLS (HUTECH Body Leveling System), real 3D art motion, and 4-channel sonic vibration massage, to provide a level of relaxation that exceeds that given by a professional masseuse.

One of HUTECH's core technologies, the "Sonic Wave Massage System" is HUTECH's massage technology that applies a sonic vibration magnetic circuit to a massage system. This innovative approach began with Evosonics, professional sonic vibration health care group and HUTECH succeeded in commercializing it for the first time in the world.

"KAI GTS9 Art Motion" is the most important structure of the massage chair, and it is differentiated from the existing massage chair by installing a sonic vibration module in the massage module that determines most of the feeling of massage. In addition, a true 4D massage was implemented through a 4-channel sonic vibration massage that applied sonic wave to the back and feet.

In addition to physical massage, the basic of massage chairs, the frequency (Hz) optimized for massage is passed through the sonic vibration massage module to deliver natural and soft wave vibrations as it is, so deep and soft massage feeling that is different from general massage can be felt.

In addition, it is equipped with music sync massage technology that maximizes synergy by combining with sonic vibration massage. 'Music Sync Massage Technology' is HUTECH's new concept of massage technology that goes beyond the concept of simply playing music and provides a massage in which the sound waves change according to the rhythm of the sound source.

When you play a sound source built into the massage chair itself or play a desired song using the Bluetooth sync function, the massage motion changes according to the melody, rhythm, and dynamics of the music, providing a physical massage and emotional healing at the same time.

In addition, it is equipped with various systems considering the user's convenience, such as a child lock and anti-clamp sensor for safe massage with a child, and recorded high scores in technology and innovativeness.

As such, HUTECH is continuously researching massage technology that are different from others to provide more people with the relaxation and inspiration of life that rest in their daily life can give through massage solutions and massage chairs with the best marketability as medium.

Hwa-don Ju, a Managing Director of HUTECH, said, "HUTECH is a leading company in the massage chair industry, and is devoted to technology and design that make a healthy world for everyone. Going beyond simply providing a physical massage through a massage chair, we plan to continue to focus on research and development under the motto of true relaxation that can provide emotional satisfaction to customers."


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