HydraForce Launches HF-Impulse™ 2.0 Configuration and Programming Software

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  • Makes programming HydraForce electronic controllers easy for beginners

  • Features robust capabilities for experienced users

  • Speeds machine development process

  • Makes ongoing system updates and maintenance easier

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., March 27, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HydraForce, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic valves and manifolds, has launched its HF-Impulse™ 2.0 programming and configuration software. HF-Impulse 2.0 is a software development platform for HydraForce electronic controllers that can be programmed using easy-to-use diagram configurations, C++ Editor, and Structured Text (ST) Editor.

"HF-Impulse 2.0 can be used by beginners who are looking to expand their design capabilities or people with more robust programming experience," said Thomas Ptak, Electronics Team Leader, HydraForce. "This means programming can be done for specific machine control schemes or configurations used to speed up the development process and get prototypes to customers faster."

With HF-Impulse 2.0, users can create their own program libraries using C++ Editor, ST Editor, and Diagram Editor or use existing libraries for traditional hydraulics applications. HF-Impulse 2.0 also makes ongoing updates and maintenance easier. Code can be shared between controllers, requiring only one update across all controllers, and custom local libraries can be imported into other projects with ease.

"HF-Impulse 2.0 is a bridge for people who want to move from programming traditional hydraulic systems to more advanced systems," added Ptak. "It’s great for people new to programming electrohydraulics because it can grow with them as their knowledge expands allowing them to get familiar with the robust capabilities of HF-Impulse 2.0 that experienced users can utilize right away."

HydraForce’s HF-Impulse 2.0 allows customers to flash devices with the latest firmware, change their "personality" and configure all parameters for operation. Engineers can monitor operation of the devices for performance testing and troubleshooting. Once configuration parameters are set, simply upload to the device. HF-Impulse 2.0 features an updated, intuitive and user-friendly interface and new navigation page. It also includes customer-driven EVDR screens and an added retain (variable) screen with familiar language.

"The release of HF-Impulse 2.0 provides our customers more power to build a better machine," said Russ Schneidewind, Director of Business Development, HydraForce. "We are constantly looking for ways to help our customers enhance their machines while speeding time to market, and HF-Impulse 2.0 does just that."

HF-Impulse 2.0 will first be available on HydraForce’s new ECDR-0202A controller that is set to launch in March of 2023. To learn more about HF-Impulse 2.0, visit www.hydraforce.com/hf-impulse.

About HydraForce

HydraForce, founded in Chicago, USA in 1985, is a global designer and manufacturer of motion control systems, encompassing hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds and electronic controls for a variety of off-highway industries, including farming, construction, marine, material handling, mining, and forestry. HydraForce employs 2000+ employees in the USA, Great Britain, Brazil and China. In February 2023, HydraForce was acquired by Bosch Rexroth, becoming a significant part of the Compact Hydraulics Business Unit. Bosch Rexroth and HydraForce combine their presence in complementary regions to provide comprehensive coverage in Europe and North America, while enabling growth in Asia.

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