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Hydrogen Technology Poised to Transform Commercial Trucking- Commercial Hydrogen Retrofits Diesel Engines for Improved Performance

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 28, 2016 / Commercial Hydrogen, Inc., a Texas based company, is already drastically impacting the Commercial Trucking industry. This company produces a hydrogen-based product that significantly reduces emissions, while positively enhancing performance.

Performance gains are from reducing fuel consumption and boosting the life-span of the engine and its vital components. Commercial Hydrogen specializes in retrofitting commercial trucks. The retrofit or 'bolt-on' products are for 10-15L diesel engines. Also, the system is for trucks manufactured from 1980 to the present.

According to Todd Fowler, CEO of Commercial Hydrogen, Inc., "Our products are at the leading edge within the existing billion-dollar industry. Our 5th Generation On Demand System provides a unique capability that no other company, product line, or system is able to replicate."

Commercial Hydrogen manufactures and distributes two different products. One is for older, non-EPA (Pre-2011). The other is for the newest 2017 EPA rated vehicles. Each product has achieved incredible fuel and operating efficiency gains by creating, then injecting hydrogen vapor directly into the combustion cylinder. This enables the engine to operate at an optimized level of efficiency. They have also achieved lower levels of wear and tear than for those without this modification.

Carl Kiser is Co-Owner of Aaron's Freight in Tomball, Texas. He states, "I've been using Commercial Hydrogen's products since 2011. We continue to see mileage gains between 10% and 25%, and sometimes more. With your newest generation of product on our newest trucks, we have been getting 20% to 30% mileage gains. The 2007 Peterbilt's have achieved up to 33% mileage gains."

Commercial Hydrogen's track record is impressive. Real-world achievements are mileage increases of 10-33%. Just as important, emission reductions of 50-70% of CO2 and NOX particulates. This is one of few products currently available in which both market performance and environmental impact create an incredibly positive economic result.

The company goals are to enable partner fleets to increase profitability while reducing carbon emissions. The environmental impact is considerably more positive than what is now occurring in non-retrofitted vehicles.

The bottom line is that Commercial Hydrogen enables more profitable margins and operations for both fleets and smaller or individual operators.

For more information about this technology, please visit, http://www.CHydrogen.com.

Media Contact:

Troy Bohlke

SOURCE: Commercial Hydrogen, Inc.