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How the Hyer App is Answering Calls for Help

From Meijer to Pepsi's Independent Bottlers--how Hyer is connecting businesses to its expanding on-demand workforce

RYE, N.Y., March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to help businesses and communities alike during this unprecedented time, Hyer announced today they are leveraging their pool of 30,000 independent contractors/Taskers to support immediate labor needs in a variety of industries and job functions.  

Hyer connects businesses to an on-demand workforce; and connects people to flexible, local job opportunities.

Hyer CEO, Dave Dempsey, explained, "Right now, we're faced with an extreme amount of uncertainty. What we are certain of however, is the critical shortage of help we're seeing across multiple industries." From grocery stores and pharmacies to warehouses and distribution centers—daily headlines reveal that businesses need to hire workers—and they need to do it fast. Using Hyer, businesses large and small can do just that—immediately and on-demand.

Companies leveraging Hyer to augment their existing workforce are able to meet the increase in daily demands—and they're doing it in a quick and efficient way. "With an average of six to seven applicants per posted task and an applicant response time of less than one-minute, our customers are able to physically fill positions within 2-3 hours," said Dempsey. "The speed in which we can provide a workforce is almost unheard of—and we're adding nearly 2,000 new Taskers to our app weekly—with those numbers projected to increase."

But he knows it's not just the business side that needs assistance. "Spend five minutes on social media and you'll quickly see—and feel—the desperation of thousands of people with a similar need for help. They're out of work—told to stay home. Or they're forced to stay home to care for children. Their mortgages, rent, bills—they'll likely go unpaid," he said.

Answering these calls for help, Dempsey says his team is working around the clock in an effort to support all those in need. And they're doing it in the form of a simple app that not just connects businesses to a growing on-demand workforce; but connects people to flexible, local job opportunities. A way for them to earn cash on their own terms.

Launched in early 2019, Hyer has been working with businesses throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic to supplement their workforce in real-time. Supporting businesses like Meijer's footprint of superstores and Pepsi's Independent Bottler G&J in recent months, Hyer Taskers are working on the front lines throughout eight states—ensuring communities have access to what they need.

Dempsey added, "We're all in this together. We have the technology in place to help keep businesses running—while at the same time providing income opportunities to those who desperately need it right now."

About Hyer: Based in Rye, New York, Hyer is the first integrated, scalable ecosystem for labor-on-demand in the gig economy. Led by a team of industry experts, their vision is to connect people to opportunities, create resources for businesses and drive quality interactions to support the communities we serve. Hyer's state of the art platform allows users to identify and monetize relevant opportunities in their local area. Additionally, Hyer users can create work opportunities and connect with qualified taskers to support everyday needs. To learn more about Hyer, visit www.gohyer.com.


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