Hyro Develops Free Virtual Assistant to Aid COVID-19 Support and Diagnosis

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, 2020 / Conversational AI developer Hyro is to provide its cutting-edge virtual assistant for free for the purposes of combatting COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus. To support world health organizations and their patients, the omnichannel assistant will be made available to answer common questions about the virus, triage symptoms, and deliver accurately and up to date information from verified sources such as WHO and CDC.

The Natural Language-based conversational AI processes questions posed by users and delivers intelligent responses that can advance their understanding and advise on the best course of action. Hyro's COVID-19 AI was developed to clear up much of the misunderstanding surrounding the coronavirus, and to alleviate stress on overloaded healthcare professionals and support centers while providing actionable information for the public.

The global pandemic has prompted millions of citizens to field questions about symptoms they believe may be associated with COVID-19. Hyro's AI can ease the nerves of those not suffering from the virus while prioritizing care and treatment of those most at risk.

Hyro's CEO Israel Krush said: "First and foremost, as we face an unprecedented humanitarian and health crisis, this just felt like the absolute right thing to do. To pay it forward. Our clients, partners and friends are in healthcare, which, regardless of department, is a sector that is completely overwhelmed at the moment; the least we can do is support them with what we have in our own arsenal, which is conversational AI. That's why we've made our COVID-19 assistant completely free, aimed at helping with containment and diagnosis. Automating some of these first-line digital touchpoints will hopefully relieve the burden on healthcare support centers and allow resources to be allocated where they're needed most. In the end it's as simple as good karma, and we know that this will only strengthen our bond with healthcare professionals now and in the future."

The four-step process includes scraping a wide range of sources for the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, its treatment, and containment. As a result, the AI's knowledge base steadily increases, forming a comprehensive database of COVID-19 information, updated in real-time. The data is then translated into a queryable knowledge graph. The AI's natural understanding layers parse the information entered by patients, accommodating different phrasing, slang, and idioms. The solution can then be embedded in various digital channels using one line of code. Once live, it delivers responses through both voice and text AI that can elicit additional information from the patient before recommending the optimum course of action.

Hyro's COVID-19 assistant can be rapidly deployed within 48 hours, and easily embedded into websites and apps as a plug and play solution. A dashboard to monitor trends, performance, and other insights are included, and the software can be fully customized to suit client needs.

About Hyro: Hyro is a plug and play conversational AI for healthcare that supercharges the patient journey across all digital channels. Fueled by cutting-edge natural language capabilities, Hyro truly understands and navigates patients through care, access, delivery and beyond. With conversational AI for healthcare, enterprises can converse easily, convert more, and collect actionable patient insights.


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