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Hyundai Mobis Enters Windshield Head-up Display Market, Supplying in Genesis SUV GV80

- Supplying the 12-inch HUD to Hyundai's Genesis SUV GV80

- Secured the mass-production technology for all of the four core infotainment systems (HUD/Full D-Cluster/SVM/AVNT)

- Accelerating the development of next-generation HUD technology featuring 25-inch or larger screen and AR

- Developing various solutions including an integrated infotainment platform optimized for autonomous driving and smart mobility

SEOUL, South Korea, March 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyundai Mobis (KRX:012330) has entered the market for windshield HUD (Head-up display), a cutting-edge system used to allow a driver to view driving data easily so that they can drive more safely and conveniently. HUD is a system that presents data on the windshield in front of the driver's seat, and the company's HUD product was first equipped to the recently released Genesis GV80 SUV model.

"The 12-inch windshield HUD, which is our first HUD product, presents a variety of data connected to GPS on a screen larger than the existing products, including driving routes, traffic sign information and driving assistance information," said Carsten Weiss, Head of Mois IVI System Development Center. "With the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) activated, the HUD also presents data on the traffic of cars driving around you."

With these capabilities, Mobis' 12-inch windshield HUD significantly helps a driver avoid distractions that can disperse the driver's view or hinder their cognitive ability, such as controlling GPS and using a smartphone.                    

The company also completed advanced development of augmented reality (AR) HUD technology optimized for the autonomous driving environment, and is currently gearing up to develop its mass production development.

By starting the mass production of the HUD, the company has secured the mass-production technology for all of the four core infotainment technologies (head-up display (HUD), full digital cluster (Full D-Cluster), surround-view monitor (SVM), audio, video, navigation and telematics (AVNT)).

To attain a competitive edge in the infotainment market, the company plans to actively leverage these four core technologies. For example, it is currently developing an integrated infotainment system platform that combines system-specific controllers into a single controller.

At present, the company has a complete lineup of windshield HUD. It can supply a full range of HUD products from general models (10-inch or below) to high-end ones (12-inch or above). With such product competitiveness and lineup, it has emerged as a new power player in the market where HUD is evolving from a simple convenience system to a safety one.

Meanwhile, Mobis is also spurring the development of the AR HUD system, which is considered to be one of the core parts in the autonomous driving era. AR HUD is a technology that displays 3D virtual data on the actual road. This technology is taking center stage as a next-generation HUD technology that can significantly reduce the risk of accidents by displaying accurate vehicle position or distance and effectively providing information on surrounding situations in real time.

Having developed a hologram-based AR HUD technology in 2017, Mobis plans to start its mass production within this year. It is also working on developing a new AR HUD technology featuring digital hologram, nanostructure and electronic control.

Mobis plans to spur the development of various connectivity solutions that combine the integrated infotainment platform with communications, convenience and security technologies to become a leading ICT company for future car technologies.

About Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis is the 7th largest leading automotive supplier. Founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Mobis is to become a lifelong technology partner for vehicles and people.

It is excellent in <sensors, sensor fusion in controllers and software design capabilities in safety control>. As Hyundai Mobis internalized all core auto component technologies, it has various product groups in ADAS based on its state-of-the-art technologies which combined sensors and these technologies. Its products also includes core modules(chassis, cockpit and front), brakes, suspension, airbags, lights and automotive electronics.

Mobis currently has more than 30,000 employees and has been manufacturing in more than 30 regions in 10 countries including South Korea, China, Germany, India and the United States. In addition to its R&D headquarters in South Korea, Mobis has 4 technology centers in Germany, China, India and the United States.


Hanbyul Kim
Hyundai Mobis PR


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