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Hyundai Needs an All-Wheel Drive Veloster

Jeff Perez

Think about the range of current hot hatches out there; Ford and Mazda (for now) have stuck to the front-wheel drive formula. But others like Subaru, VW, heck, even Toyota (Matrix) had or currently still have all-wheel drive hatchback options available.

But where does that leave Hyundai and its funky Veloster? Admittedly, the Veloster isn’t the most amazingly drivable hatch on the planet, but in Turbo-spec, the short-throw six-speed, 200 horsepower and three-door layout is a hugely appealing piece of engineering. Maybe a tad underpowered, if anything.


But the one thing that the Veloster is missing out on is all-wheel drive. Like the Subaru WRX and VW Golf R before it, the Veloster deserves a hotted-up, all-tires-spinning version. One that will get fans of the aging WRX and Golf R looking elsewhere.

Of course, at only 200 horsepower the minimal 1.6 wont be able to keep up with the added weight. But tack on the 2.0-liter off a Hyundai Genesis with somewhere in the market of 250- to 260-hp, price it at just about $30K and you have yourself a winner.

Whatdya say, Hyundai?

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