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Hyundai and Rockstar team up to build Moab-inspired Santa Fe for SEMA

Alex Kierstein

We're in the run-up to SEMA 2017, and the early looks at the show cars are rolling in. Hyundai is letting this render out early. It's called the Rockstar Energy Moab Extreme Off-roader Santa Fe Sport Concept, and that mouthful shouts everything Hyundai wants this thing to communicate from the top of its lungs. Most of those words, however, aren't likely on the minds of shoppers looking at this three-row crossover, but logic and SEMA do not always find each other.

Before we get into details of this build, we reached out to Hyundai and a representative clarified a few things. This Santa Fe hasn't been out bouncing off rocks at Moab — yet. We were told it "will be HEAVILY tested at Moab and a special video prepared for SEMA." We can't wait.

While Hyundai says this is an all-new vehicle, it treads much of the same ground as last year's nitrous-huffing Rockstar concept Santa Fe. The King coilovers, R1 brakes, AEM intake and Mishimoto plumbing are all present and accounted for. And yes, there's another Nitrous Express system installed. New wheels and tires are present, as is a new wrap and more LED lights up front. (Can there ever be enough lights on a show truck?) It doesn't look like a winch is fitted, but there's a rooftop tent.

SEMA is coming up at the end of the month, so we expect more details on this and other concepts soon.

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