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"I felt really, really horrible": Priyanka Chopra apologises over insensitive refugee T-shirt!

A while ago, Priyanka Chopra wore a top with the words “immigrant”, “refugee” and “outsider” crossed out and the word “traveller” highlighted in a photo that was used on the front cover of Conde Nast Traveller’s October issue. 

 As soon as the picture was uploaded, people were quick enough to react and criticize the Bajirao Mastani actor for being insensitive to the condition of refugees and immigrants in the country. In an interview with Barkha Dutt from New York, Priyanka was asked about it and she said, “I was very affected and I felt really, really horrible and that was never the intention.” 

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“They (Conde Nast) especially got this (t-shirt) made and implored me to wear it. They said they were addressing xenophobia which is a big issue that is happening,” Chopra added.Talking about the idea of the magazine, “So their idea was that. And I bought into it, I guess. And I am really, really apologetic about the fact that sentiments were hurt … The point the magazine wanted to make was actually something good.”

 What do you think about Priyanka’s apology?