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IA Innovation and Improv Asylum Launch IA Innovation West


IA Innovation, an Improv Asylum company, is pleased to announce that they have established IA Innovation West in Los Angeles, California to better serve the growing demand for their world-renowned employee and leadership training services. As the global leaders in innovation and performance, IA Innovation will be positioned to respond and implement its impactful and engaging programs across the west coast.

“We are extremely excited to take this step,” says Chet Harding, Co-Founder of Improv Asylum and President of IA Innovation. “By having our facilitators, who are well-versed in our unique approach and methods, ready to work with some of America’s most innovative and forward-thinking organizations, it will allow IA innovation to continue to be a leader across the country.”

“We have been helping to transform workplace cultures by teaching the tools and techniques of improv since 1998,” echoes Norm Laviolette, Co-Founder and CEO of Improv Asylum and IA Innovation. “And now with a solid and agile presence in Los Angeles, IA Innovation will continue to work globally with organizations like Google, Fidelity, Nokia, and Harvard Business School. This new hub helps facilitate that even more.”

Improv Asylum is a comedy theater that features improvisation and sketch comedy and is located in Boston's historic North End. Our shows have been described as Whose Line is it Anyway? meets Saturday Night Live. Opened in 1998, Improv Asylum has performed thousands of shows for millions of people throughout the country and across the globe. Improv Asylum also offers unique corporate training, hilarious customized corporate show, student training center and division dedicated to Gaming and e-Sports (AGE).

IA Innovation works with corporations of all sizes to create innovative corporate training experiences that are unique to each organization. Drawing from similar improvisational techniques that are used on stage, IA Innovation inspires corporate teams to work together and produce more innovative ideas, all while sharing a few laughs.

For more information about IA Innovation’s various programs, including the recently launched Diversity & Inclusion training, visit iainnovation.com.

CALIFORNIA: 5419 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 383, Los Angeles, CA 90027 | 424-346-3600
MASSACHUSETTS: 215 Hanover Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02113 | 617-263-1300


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