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IBIA Secure Identity Lunch and Learn Event on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, D.C. / ACCESSWIRE / October 12, 2016 / The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) is hosting a lunch and learn event, open to the public, on Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT on Capitol Hill. Titled "Secure Identity: Protects privacy; mitigates identity theft & fraud; and enhances national security" the event will feature remarks from leading experts in the identity technology industry and the privacy community:

  • Dawn E. Lucini, Director of Aviation Security, Telos ID, an aviation security expert and former TSA employee, will talk about aviation employee screening.
  • Michael Petrov, Managing Director, USA, Vision-Box, a veteran of the biometrics industry, will talk about the use of biometrics in border security.
  • Jules Polonetsky, CEO, Future of Privacy Forum, will address the evolving relationship between security and privacy.
  • Teresa Wu, Director of Strategic Marketing and Government Relations, MorphoTrak, will discuss the role of technology in protecting privacy and curtailing identity theft.

Biometric technologies, including fingerprint, face and iris recognition, are meeting the pressing demand to authenticate identity in today's world. Where people need to prove who they are, the use of biometrics ensures security, reduces fraud in the provision of services and identity theft, and preserves user privacy.

"IBIA has brought together these four experts in identity technology and privacy to share their expertise on current and critical issues," said Tovah LaDier, Managing Director, IBIA. "The need for secure identity to protect our national security, stop the rampant growth of identity theft and fraud, while at the same time protecting privacy, are issues at the forefront of discourse in 2016. Please join us on Capitol Hill for this important discussion."

The IBIA Secure Identity lunch and learn event is scheduled for Thursday, October 13, 2016, from 12:00 - 1:30 PM EDT in the:

Senate Commerce Committee Hearing Room
253 Russell Senate Office Building
2 Constitution Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20002

For more information on IBIA's Secure Identity lunch and learn event, or to RSVP, please contact:

Tovah LaDier - tovah@cl-law.us
Kate Oldham - kate@cl-law.us

About IBIA: IBIA advances the adoption and responsible use of technology based identification solutions to manage identity to enhance security, privacy, productivity, and convenience. For more information, please visit our website: ibia.org

SOURCE: International Biometrics + Identity Association