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IBM’s weak Q2, Volatility settles down and WWE ticks higher

Time for your daily dose of Trending Tickers, the stocks that you're tracking as measured by Yahoo Finance ticker searches. Making the list today are:

IBM (IBM) - Shares are down after Big Blue reported it's standard quarter of mediocrity. The company hasn't posted revenue growth in two years and it failed to do so again last night. IBM's greatest core competency is repurchasing its own shares. Since 2010 it's reduced its share count by more than 25% and paid out billions in dividends. Hows that working out for investors? In the last two years IBM is less than flat while the S&P 500 has risen more than 40%. Financial engineering is nice but it's not a substitute for actual growth.

Volatility Index (^VIX) - The long-awaited rally in volatility levels is coming to a halt today. The Vix is down nearly 10% and fighting to stay in the teens. Believe it or not the Vix is still higher for 2014 and only about flat over the last twelve months. You can take it as a sign of complacency or simply a reflection of reality. Before yesterday stocks the market hadn't moved 1% in a single day since April. It's going to take more than a brief hiccup to create a sustainable move. The Vix is off by some 70% from where it peaked during the summer of 2011.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) - Shares were up as much as 6% earlier but are giving back some of those gains. Like many content creators WWE has had a big week thanks to Rupert Murdoch's bid for Time Warner (TWX). There aren't a lot of reasons to think the McMahon family has any interest in selling the company, but stranger things have happened. WWE shares are up about 10% for the week but down a whopping 60% since peaking in March before concern set in that its online app will ruin its pay-per-view dependent business model.

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