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Icahn Rolls Out the Machine on eBay

Jon C. Ogg

Carl Icahn, unsurprisingly, is not letting up on his attack on eBay Inc. (EBAY). The billionaire and activist investor has released a response letter (to a response of a response) to eBay shareholders on Friday morning. Icahn said:

I am frankly growing a bit tired of reading eBay's repetitive evasive responses to the legitimate issues we have been raising. Their messages all sound the same. Repeating the same mantra -- "world-class" board, "world-class" board, "world-class" board -- over and over again might work in a totalitarian state where only one side gets to speak. But, thankfully, we live in a democratic state where there can be a voice of reason on the other side.

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Friday's letter really focuses on shareholders needing to think about whether they should reelect eBay's board of directors. Anyhow, you have heard the rest of it -- and if you have not you can probably guess it.

eBay shares are up a dime at $58.44 in early Friday trading, just shy of the $59.27 high.

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