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Icahn urges Dell stockholders to seek appraisal under Delaware law

Carl Icahn issued an open letter to Dell stockholders, stating in part: "We are in the process of perfecting our right to seek appraisal of our Dell shares and we believe that you should also perfect your appraisal rights. Under Delaware law if a merger occurs and you did not vote for it, you are entitled, through appraisal, to the fair value of your shares as determined by a Delaware court...In many merger transactions, if over a certain number of stockholders seek appraisal rights, this gives the purchaser the right to opt out of the transaction and thereby avoid the uncertainty created by appraisal. However, Michael Dell and Silver Lake did not obtain this opt out right...Because they neglected to obtain this right, no matter how many stockholders seek appraisal, if the merger is approved, Michael Dell and Silver Lake are obligated to close or pay a $750M penalty...I therefore believe there will be significant pressure on Michael Dell and Silver Lake to resolve the appraisal rights, and possibly seek a settlement during the 'free 60 day period'."